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Voyageur Minerals successfully completes 25 diamond drill holes on the Frances Creek Barite Breccia Vein

18.12.2017  |  GlobeNewswire
CALGARY, Dec. 18, 2017 - Voyageur Minerals Ltd. (TSXV:VM) (the “Company”). is pleased to announce the results of the Company’s 2017 drilling program. The Company completed 25 drill holes for a total of 1230.79m of drilling. 110 samples were tested from the core and surface outcrop.

The main area of interest during the 2017 exploration program was the “B Zone” area of Frances Creek that is located at an elevation between 1500m and 1580m. This area consists of high grade barite that outcrops at surface and was outlined in detail with 19 drill holes across a proven strike of 130m. The zone has been well defined and consists of an average width of 17.49m with an arithmetic average grade of 38.73% BaSO4 with a specific gravity barite 4.5.

The following chart summarises the total drilling results for the 2017 drilling campaign .

Hole Number Hole Depth Barite
Specific Gravity True Width Ba
Total %BaSO4
Ba Zone
FC17-1 18.29m 12.19m-15.24m 4.02 poor rec
FC17-2 19m 9m-10.2m 3.82 poor rec
FC17-3 24m No Sample
FC17-4 21m 18m-18.93m 3.81 poor rec
FC17-5 46m 16.44m-25.35m 3.8 8.17m 68.88%
FC17-6 64m 20.3m- 37.5m 3.37 - 3.82 13.43m 66.44%
FC17-7 69m 30.4 – 54.17m 3.46 - 3.81 21.29m 26.54%
FC17-8 66m 24m-64.5m 3.08 – 4.06 36.63m 25.28%
FC17-09 73.5m 15.0m-55.5m 2.94 - 3.27 36.03 19.47%
FC17-10 34m 17.6m-33.6m 3.46 11.86m 60.32%
FC17-11 74m 22.2m-64.1m 3.13 – 3.83 31.93m 24.89%
FC17-12 57m 20.5m-57.0m 2.96 – 3.51 17.9m 37.39%
FC17-13 63m 20.5m-46.4m 2.97 – 3.47 22.88m 23.94%
FC17-14 63m 27.9m-47.5m 3.35 – 3.40 14.0m 38.41%
FC17-15 60m 21.5m-38.4m 3.13 – 4.49 15.22m 37.65%
FC17-16 60m 35.7m-44.6m 2.91 very poor recovery N/A
FC17-17 72m 26.6m-53.7m 2.96 – 4.41 18.23m 31.48%
FC17-18 60m no sample
FC17-19 59m no sample
FC17-20 35m 5m-10.5m 3.02 4.73m 22.73%
FC17-21 36m 7m-13.3m 3.25 – 4.35 6.1m 61.16%
FC17-22 33m 6m-13.2m 3.25 4.86 36.38%
FC17-23 33m no sample
FC17-24a 51m 29m-32m 3.13 1.04m 19.36%
FC17-24b 45m-48m 3.48 1.45 52.54%
FC17-25 42m 31.3m-36.9m 2.97 – 3. 3.33m 25.40%

The Francis Creek Barite mineralization occurs as a 2 phase breccia vein which was emplaced along a fault. The matrix of the breccia is crystalline barite; the breccia clasts are composed of dolomite and argillite country rock from the walls of the vein. The breccia matrix ranges from 19.36% to 68.88% crystalline barite throughout the explored portion of the vein. A total of 20 spot samples of the crystalline barite matrix rock were collected from select intervals of core from 10 holes drilled along the strike of the breccia vein. Analyses of these samples showed a range of 93.83 % to 99.68 % BaSO4, averaging at 97.10 % BaSO4. The specific gravity analyses of these samples ranged from 4.29 to 4.50 and averaged at 4.41 SG.

Voyageur management believes that a milling circuit that includes crushing, jigging and advanced gravity separation should be able to recover a high purity – high specific gravity, industrial grade barite product from the Frances Creek Barite Breccia Vein.

2018 planning and goals:

  1. The Company is in the process of completing an updated resource report (NI 43-101) which is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2018.
  2. An application for a 10,000 tonne bulk sample will be submitted in the first quarter.
  3. A 2018 drilling and geophysical work program for the Frances Creek property is being prepared.

The Company is currently investigating new technology which may produce high value barium products at low cost. This technology has the potential to take the 96%-98% barite crystals on the Francis Creek property and create a 99.98% barium precipitate and or barium carbonate. The objective for 2018 is to prove the technology by lab testing, and if proven successful the construction of a pilot plant to process the 10,000 tonne bulk sample.

The Company plans to continue exploration in 2018 to search for zones along the thrust fault and to depth. Geophysical work will be done to outline anomalies at depth along the fault zone and also to outline cross faulting along the trend as this is where the largest zones of barite have been discovered thus far.

Management is very pleased with the results from the 2017 drilling campaign. The discovery of such high grade barite mineralization makes this property very unique and potentially one of a kind. Voyageur’s management team will be focusing on marketing high value barium in the pharmaceutical, paint powder coatings and glass markets. The objective is to produce high purity barium precipitate (Blanc Fixe) and barium carbonate.

About Voyageur Minerals

Voyageur is a Calgary based company which owns 100% interest in three barium sulfate ("Barite") deposits including two properties which initial work suggests are suitable in grade for the industrial and pharmaceutical barite market place.

The Company also has interests in two high grade lithium brine projects in Utah, USA. Voyageur's business plan is to develop its Barite deposit at Frances Creek, BC, Canada, for potential near term cash flow, while it continues exploration for critical and strategic minerals.

Qualified Person Statement

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