Rumble Resources Ltd: 14 High Priority Targets and New Mineralisation Style

22.08.2019  |  ABN Newswire
Perth, Australia - Rumble Resources Ltd. (ASX:RTR)(FRA:20Z) ("Rumble" or "the Company") is pleased to announce the results of ongoing drill targeting completed at the Braeside-Barramine Project and the results and interpretation of the recently completed drilling program at the Earaheedy Project.

Braeside-Barramine Zn-Pb-Cu-AG-Au-V Project

The Braeside-Barramine Project, located in the east Pilbara region of Western Australia, comprises an area of 1813 km2 covering over 60km of prospective strike for significant mineralization. Polymetallic high-level vein sets discovered by Rumble are considered to be part of a large porphyry to epithermal alteration and mineralization system related to potential underlying Fortescue (2.7 Ga) felsic (subvolcanic to aerial volcanics) and associated A type granitoids.

Soil and grab sampling completed by Rumble has highlighted a further nine (9) high priority drill targets complimenting 5 high priority targets previously defined in 2018 - See image 1.*

*all images and figures in the link at the end of the release.

Drill Targeting Completed - (9) nine new high priority drill targets defined

During May to June 2019, some 913 soil, 44 stream sediment and 195 grab samples were collected over a strike of 65 km within the Braeside-Barramine Project. The soils were collected on 400m by 400m, 200m by 200m and 100m by 50m grids over high priority targets.

The surface geochemistry has highlighted (9) nine new high priority drill targets.

1. Moxem's V-Pb Target (Image 1, 2 & 3)

- A new vanadinite vein has been discovered with very high-grade vanadium (V2O5) lead (Pb) values from limited grab sampling including:

o BR507 - 6.75% V2O5, 48.25% Pb.

o BR640 - 4.62% V2O5, 16.71% Pb.

o BR643 - 6.62% V2O5, 31.3% Pb.

o BR647 - 3.44% V2O5, 16.64% Pb.

o BR646 - 2.82% V2O5, 29.68% Pb.

o BR634 - 3.87% V2O5, 16.34% Pb

- The high-grade vanadium-lead mineralization has been defined along an east-northeast trending altered structure over a strike length of 400m (completely open).

- The mineralization is vanadinite (see image 2) occurring as multiple veins and veinlets (generally < 1m in width) with the alteration to 40m in width.

1. Bonecrusher Au-Zn Target (Image 1 and 4)

- Gold in soil anomalism has been confirmed over a strike of 1km with the peak Au value 39ppb and strong continuity of anomalism has been determined by infill 100m by 50m soil sampling.

- Limited grab sampling has highlighted strong Zn (to 2.54%) and Ag (to 32.7 g/t) mineralisation is associated with the gold in soil anomalism - Underlying the gold in soil anomalism is an outlier of altered shale/siltstone.

- Bonecrusher lies within the main Ba Kspar Chlorite Silica sulphide vein alteration corridor (see image 1) and is the first significant gold target discovered since Rumble commenced exploration in 2017.

3. Far North Gossan Zn-Pb Target (Image 1)

- Strong alteration over 500m in strike is associated with sphalerite and galena mineralisation. Grab sampling focused on the intersection of two structures where results returned 8.32% Zn (peak value), 6.45% Zn, 4.23% Zn, 9.34% Pb (peak value) and 3.4% Pb.

4. No Dice Chicun Zn-Pb Target (Image 1)

- Soil anomalism over a strike of 1km and on average 200m wide is associated with altered shales and siltstone. Maximum Zn in soil value is 560ppm and Pb in soil is 422ppm. Limited grab sampling returned

Pb to 34%, Ag to 88 g/t and Zn to 1.4%.

5. Barramine Zn South Target (Image 1)

- A large 2km by 1km soil anomaly with peak value of 1200ppm Zn and 700ppm Pb is associated with andesitic volcaniclastics and siltstones. Random grab sampling returned anomalous Zn to 0.7% and Pb to 0.62%.

6. Barramine Zn North Target (Image 1)

- Strong Zn in soil anomalism occurs over an area 800m by 400m in shales and siltstones.with maximum Zn to 373ppm and Pb to 248ppm.

7. Camel Hump Cu Target (Image 1)

- Shear zone style mineralization over 1.5km as returned Cu to 13.4%, Pb to 6.04%, Zn to 1.79% and Ag to 131 g/t from limited grab sampling. Soil sampling returned copper to 338 ppm.

8. Great Southern Zn Target (Image 1)

- A large 1.4km long (open) soil anomaly with Zn to 498ppm is associated with a strongly altered. No grab sampling has been completed.

9. Slimrose Ba-Pb Target (Image 1)

- A large alteration zone 600m by 500m is associated with strong Ba (to >2000ppm) and Pb (571ppm) soil anomalism. A single grab sample returned 0.52% Pb.

Exploration Potential

Exploration by Rumble has now outlined a large mineralised vein array system over 60km in strike and 8km in width.

Four styles of veining and alteration has been discovered (See Image 1 and 5) with high level epizonal to epithermal base metal veining occurring in the east section of the vein system then ranging into low level epizonal to upper porphyry in the west section (deeper deposition level).

The recent surface geochemistry exploration has extended the mineralised vein system along strike and defined additional parallel vein sets.

Next Steps

14 high priority targets made up of (9) nine new targets (no drilling) recently defined and (5) five prospects outlined during the 2018 RC drilling programme (see Image 1) have significant base metal and alteration intercepts and are open along strike.

- Infill surface geochemistry with prospect mapping will define drill targets for the new (9) nine targets.

- Up to 14 targets will be tested by RC drilling along strike and at depth.

Earaheedy Zn-Pb Project

Rumble has an option agreement with Fossil Prospecting Pty Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of ASX Listed Zenith Minerals Ltd - (ASX: ZNC) to acquire a 75% interest in E69/3464. Rumble owns 100% of the contiguous application E69/5503.

A style of Zn-Pb mineralization not previously recognized has been discovered at Earaheedy. Four holes (by Rumble) have intercepted this style of mineralization where Zn - Pb sulphides have developed in porous sandstone grits. The mineralization is interpreted to be associated with a shallow sub-basin unconformably overlying the carbonates that host widespread MVT (Mississippi Valley Type) Zn (dominant) - Pb occurrences.

Exploration Completed (Image 6)

Four (4) diamond drill holes (total metreage - 1199.8) and two (2) RC drill holes (total metreage - 374) were completed May - July 2019 in three stages. The program was interrupted by pastoral station activities and breakdowns.


The new style of Zn Pb mineralisation has been delineated on the contact between the overlying Frere Iron Formation and underlying Navajoh Dolomite of the Palaeoproterozoic Yelma Formation. Drilling intercepted a flat lying porous sandstone to grit unit that lies at the base of the Frere Iron Formation. Sphalerite, galena and pyrite have developed interstitially within the porous sandstone grit host forming laterally extensive sulphide layers. Four drill-holes intersected the zone. Results include:

- 4.7m @ 2.18% Zn, 0.63% Pb from 153.3m (EDH004)

- 2m @ 3.23% Zn, 1.73% Pb from 130m (EDH003)

- 7m @ 2.11% Zn, 0.4% Pb from 150m (EHRC001)

- 10m @ 1.24% Zn, 0.63% Pb from 150m (EHRC002)


The mineralisation is considered to be unconformity related sandstone hosted Zn Pb type and is later than the MVT carbonate hosted mineralisation defined by previous explorers. There is an approximate hiatus of 20-30 million years between the underlying Navajoh Dolomite and overlying Frere Iron Formation. The sandstone grit unit is the first sedimentation stage (local and coarse grained) of the Frere Iron Formation cycle over the partly eroded palaeo-surface (in part karstified) of the Navajoh Dolomite. The sandstone grit unit forms a sub-basin that's lies unconformably over dolomite, siltstone and shales of the Yelma Formation.

The source of metal associated with the sandstone grit Zn Pb mineralisation is inferred to be chemically remobilised from the underlying Zn Pb bearing carbonates by low temperature chloride rich fluids.

Re-interpretation of historic drilling has shown that at least 12 mineralised Zn-Pb intercepts are within the sandstone grit unit. Two examples are historic drill-hole TDH20 and TRC47 (see images 6 & 7).

TDH20 is interpreted to lie close to the margin or edge of the sandstone grit sub-basin and has two styles of mineralisation.

- 6m @ 3.91% Zn, 0.39% Pb from 210.5m - hosted in sandstone

- 16m @ 1% Zn, 0.3% Pb from 225m - hosted in carbonate

TRC47 is interpreted to lie within the sub-basin, approximately 1km in from the margin. The historic sandstone grit intercept was:

- 7m @ 4.85% Zn+Pb from 103m (EOH)

The area of the sandstone grit sub-basin is interpreted to be 8km by 2km.

Exploration Potential

The sub-basin sandstone hosted mineralisation style is prospective for laterally extensive flat lying Zn Pb deposits.

The up-dip position towards the southwest, where the unconformity has not been tested, is considered as having the best potential as the mineralisation will be near surface and if economic, amenable to open cut mining.

There is also potential for further unconformity related sub-basin sandstone Zn Pb mineralisation along strike.

Next Steps

- Rumble to generate drill targets in up-dip positions where the mineralised sandstone sub-basin comes to the surface.

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About Rumble Resources Ltd:

Rumble Resources Ltd. (ASX:RTR) (FRA:20Z) is an Australian based exploration company, officially admitted to the ASX on the 1st July 2011. Rumble was established with the aim of adding significant value to its current gold and base metal assets and will continue to look at mineral acquisition opportunities both in Australia and abroad.


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