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Ressources Appalaches Inc.
Juli 2015

Das Bergbauunternehmen ist seit Juli 2015 nicht mehr an einer Börse gelistet. Das Delisting von Ressources Appalaches Inc. fand aufgrund eines Konkurses statt.

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  • Following the recent appointment of a receiver and manager for the assets of Ressources Appalaches, and as Appalaches has not maintained the requirements for a TSX Venture Tier 1 company, Appalaches received a notice from the TSX Venture that the shares of the Company will be transferred to NEX and be suspended effective today. Consequently to [...]
  • Today, upon a motion filed by LRC-RA LP, a secured creditor of Ressources Appalaches Inc. and Dufferin Resources Incorporated, the Bankrupcy and Insolvency division of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia issued an order appointing Ernst & Young Inc. as the receiver and manager of the assets, property and undertakings of Appalaches and of Dufferin [...]
  • Ressources Appalaches announces that all the resolutions that were presented at the annual meeting on November 24, 2014, were approved by the shareholders. These resolutions include the nomination of the directors and the auditors. Shareholders re-elected Alain Hupé, Dominique Doucet, André Proulx and Jose Oro to the Board of Directors. Moreover, during its first board meeting, Alain Hupé was re-elected as President and Chief Executive Officer and André Proulx as chairman of the board. Alain Hupé, André Proulx and Dominique Doucet were appointed members of the audit committee. The Company also announces that Darrin Campbell, Chief Financial Officer, has resigned from th... [...]
  • Pursuant to its press release dated October 3, 2014, Appalaches Resources Inc. is pleased to announce that it has executed with its principal lender, Lascaux Resources Capital Fund 1 LP, a Forbearance Agreement pursuant to which Lascaux agrees to forbear all currently outstanding defaults of the Corporation as of October 9, 2014 pursuant to the [...]
  • Ressources Appalaches announces that the Dufferin Gold Mine is placed in temporary care and maintenance due to longer than expected development of the underground workings and delays in reaching commercial production. The delays occurred as a result of multiple problems including, underground transformer installation, mobile equipment breakdowns [...]

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