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Yinfu Gold Corp.
April 2015

Das Bergbauunternehmen ist seit April 2015 nicht mehr an einer Börse gelistet. Das Delisting von Yinfu Gold Corp. fand aufgrund einer Umstrukturierung statt.

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  • Yinfu Gold is pleased to report the progress of its recently acquired peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform, Dongguan YouDai Financial Information Services Co. YouDai is an internet financial services company, incorporated in the People's Republic of China, which is operating an online peer-to-peer lending platform ( together with [...]
  • Yinfu Gold today announced that it is in the process of acquiring Dongguan YouDai Financial Information Services Co., a P2P lending platform, from Eternal Fairy International Ltd., (EFI), a British Virgin Island corporation. ELRE has executed an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares and assets of EFI for US$600 million to be paid by the issuance [...]
  • Yinfu Gold today announced that it has acquired an internet eCommerce platform. Liu Jun, ELRE's new CEO, stated, "I am taking the direction of the Company into the internet P2P (Peer-to-Peer) lending space. There is a huge opportunity in the China market and our target is to be one of the premier lending platforms in China within the next twelve [...]
  • Yinfu Gold announced today that it has sold its 70% interest in three mining claims in China's Xinjiang Province. The Company is selling its 70% interest in three gold claims to Apolo Gold & Energy and will receive six million APLL restricted shares valued at US$1.2 million for the following claims: (a) Gold Mine Reconnaissance in the West of [...]
  • Yinfu Gold today has filed a Form 15 to withdraw as a SEC filer and will proceed to apply to OTCMarkets to file all of its filings under the OTC Alternate Reporting Standard. Tsap Wai Ping, Yinfu's CEO, stated, "We have already mobilized our accounting staff and consultants and they have started the process to transition from being an SEC filer to [...]

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