Gold Can Rise Despite Manipulation: Gold Cartel Author | Kitco News

Kitco News' Daniela Cambone talks with Dimitri Speck, seasoned commodity analyst and author of The Gold Cartel, about the recent manipulation allegations made against the London gold fix. "I think the Libor scandal opened the public much more for the possibility of manipulations in any markets -- let it be gold, silver or currencies," Speck says. "I personally don't know who is behind the gold fixing manipulation; of course I have some guess." Through analysis, Speck says he first noticed something wrong in the gold market in 2000-2001. "I simply wanted to figure out what was going on in this market." Tune in now for an in-depth look at Speck's research and where he thinks the yellow metal's price is headed. Kitco News, March 21, 2014.

am 24.03.2014,
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