Hyperinflation fears; will bitcoin, gold, or stocks win in 2020?

If history repeats itself, the rapid expansion of the balance sheets of central banks will lead to massive inflation of asset and consumer prices, and investors will be rushing to precious metals for protection, said Florian Grummes, managing director of Midas Touch Consulting.

“In the Weimar Republic, hyperinflation set in two years after the start of this balance sheet expansions, so this is the process and it takes time,” Grummes told Kitco News.

Grummes said that bitcoin will be the best performing asset of 2020.

What do you think will be the outperforming asset of the year? Comment below.

- 1:00 - Crack-up boom
- 2:02 - Money velocity and hyperinflation
- 9:05 - Outlook on stocks
- 10:21 - Gold price outlook
- 16:20 - Gold stocks
- 19:29 - Bitcoin
- 20:41 - What will be the winner this year?

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