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Robert Kiyosaki- The New Rule Of Money for 2011 and Beyond

Like you, I was taught to go to school, get a job, buy a house, save money, and invest in a diverse portfolio of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

My real dad, my poor dad, instilled these values into me. He was highly educated and the head of the Hawaiian school system.

Yet, each night, I remember watching my mom and dad argue about how they were going to make ends meet. I can still vividly see my dad at the dining table, a pile of receipts in front of him, with his head in his hands. He was defeated financially.

Yet, he still believed what he was knew about money was good advice for me.

I asked, "How could what he knew about money be right for me, when it was wrong for him?"

My best friend's dad, my rich dad, had different ideas about money.

He taught me that: Schools train you to be an employee, not rich A house is a liability, not an asset Savers are losers Investing in only one asset class, paper assets, isn't diversification

He had no formal education but was extremely rich, owning many hotels in and plantations in Hawaii.

I asked, "What is it that I don't know about money?"

Robert Kiyosaki

am 28.12.2011,
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