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  • Sydney, Australia (ABN Newswire) - At a time when the financial world seems to be mesmerised by the actions of (and the reactions to) the new Trump Administration in the US, concerned over rises in interest rates and also with renewed and increasing calls for an impending 'US stock market crash', the global economy of at least 4,500m other people [...]
  • Metals X continued to consolidate its position as a gold producer with the end of the quarter marking the first year anniversary as a gold producer from its gold division strategy. Production guidance on acquisition was for a first full year of 150,000 per ounce at total costs of A$1,000 per ounce.The first full year for the gold division yielded [...]
  • As proposed in resolution 4 of the Metals X forthcoming Annual General Meeting, to be held on 26 November 2014, the Company wishes to advise security holders of the details and proposed tim etable in relation to the consolidation of capital. Reason for the Consolidation Metals X has a large number of shares on issue due to historical equity-based [...]
  • Metals X advises that the FY2014 Dividend timetable announced on 17 October 2014 has been amended to comply with the timetable set for the proposed capital consolidation and the ASX Listing Rules. Amended Dividend Timetable Ex Date for Dividend 12.12.2014 Record Date for Dividend 16.12.2014 Last date for receipt of election notice for participation [...]
  • As a diversified miner, Metals X has exposure to a number of commodities and revenue streams. The corporate structure with which we operate is somewhat divisional by commodity and corporate entity. The key areas being our tin, nickel and gold divisions. Most of our development projects sit within these structures.As an operating team, our objective [...]
  • Metals X announced on 10 October 2014 that it has declared an final dividend of 0.6785 cents per share for the financial year ending 30 June 2014 and the introduction of a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP). The dividend will be 100% franked. Metals X also announced that it will recommend to shareholders at the AGM on 26 November 2014 that the issued [...]
  • Metals X provides the latest Investor Presentation with the key highlights including strong cash position, base metals and gold production. - Diversified - exposure shared across precious and base metals. - Precious Metals - Gold:* 2 Operations Producing Gold.* 2 Growth Assets - Ready for Development. - Base Metals:* Tin Production and Growth [...]
  • It is with great pleasure that the Board of Metals X declares the Company's inaugural dividend following the outstanding financial results of the Company for the year ended 30 June 2014. A fully franked dividend of 0.6785 cents per share (pre-consolidation) has been declared and will be paid on 10 December 2014.The Board also announces that it [...]
  • The Board of Metals X wishes to advise that it has completed a gold pre-pay arrangement with Citibank, N.A. over 30,000 oz of future gold production.Under the arrangement Citi has advanced Metals X $40.445 million in cash and Metals X has an obligation to deliver 1,250 oz of gold per month for 24 months. Metals X had cash and working capital of [...]
  • he Board of Metals X is pleased to release the full year results for 2014.Key Financial Highlights - Revenue of $238.6M, up 247%. - EBITDA of $71.7M, up 679%. - Profit of $37.4M, up 332%. - Net Operating Cashflow $73.4M, up 640%. - Return on Equity of 14.5%. - Net Cash at Bank at 30 June 2014 of $57.1M. - Cash and Working Capital at 30 June 2014 of [...]
  • Metals X provides the Annual Financial Report, showing the Consolidated Entity's net profit after income tax for the period was $37,451,737, an increase of 332% as compared to the previous financial year. The results reflect: Revenue from gold sales of $161,051,109 resulting from the acquisition of the Higginsville Gold Operation and the South [...]
  • The Board of Metals X is pleased to advise that it has reached agreement with Southern Gold on the terms of a mining and profit share agreement to enable Southern's Cannon Gold Resource to be mined and processed at its Jubilee Plant.Under the proposed agreement, Metals X will provide funding and its technical experience and expertise in both [...]


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