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Sonora Resources Announces Results of Surface Ore Deposit Measurements at Ayones Silver Project, Mexico

27.01.2012  |  Marketwired
GUADALUPE, Jan 27, 2012 - Sonora Resources Corp. (OTCBB: SURE) ("Sonora" or the "Company"), a mineral exploration and development Company focused on the acquisition of international silver and gold mining properties, is pleased to announce the results from its ongoing surface program of measuring and sampling of the extensive historic surface dumps at the Ayones Project undertaken November 8-13, 2011.

The 770 hectare Ayones project encompasses the historic La Mazata Silver Mine and surrounding Corazon group of claims located in the Etzatlan Mining District in the Mexican State of Jalisco. The phase one study was completed and the assay certificates from lab results undertaken by ALS Chemex Vancouver for all economics instances of the dumps and tailings lines and samples have reported the following results:

Old Dumps:

Samples  Width M.  Gold g/t  Silver g/t  Silver Eq. Ounces*
TE-006 2.5 0.82 154 6.40
TE-009 1 1.62 115 6.55
TE-010,011,012,0013 10.15 0.74 122 5.23
TE-018 1.4 0.68 208 7.89
TE-019,020,021,022,023 7.85 1.49 185 8.58
TE-025,026,027,028 10.35 0.83 152 6.35
TE-034 3.5 0.96 227 8.99
TE-036 2.8 0.6 144 5.69
TE-038 1.8 0.72 175 6.90
TE-042 1.5 1.42 234 10.03
TE-044 1.75 2.4 183 10.12
TE-045 2.5 0.55 92 3.93
TE-046 3 0.96 514 18.22
Average Width 3.85
Average Grade 0.98 180 7.52

*Kitco, December 22, 2011 metal prices (Au: 1606.5, Ag: 29.30, No recoveries and NSR considered).

Old Tailings:

Samples  Width M.  Gold g/t  Silver g/t  Silver Eq. Ounces*
JA-001 1.3 1.03 192 7.98
JA-002 1.9 0.285 114 4.17
JA-003,004 2.9 0.274 113 4.12
JA-005,006 2.7 0.204 80 2.93
JA-007,008 2.55 0.282 103 3.81
JA-009,010 2.65 0.553 119 4.80
JA-011,012 2.95 0.358 130 4.81
JA-033 1 0.962 162 6.91
JA-034 1 1.315 164 7.59
Average Width 2.11
Average Grade 0.46 121 4.71

*Kitco, December 22, 2011 metal prices (Au: 1606.5, Ag: 29.30, No recoveries and NSR considered).

The 5 samples taken from a northwest-southeast trending vein named San Juan were identified in a small (8 x 15 m) open pit located 600 m to the East of the center of La Mazata Mine and confirm the existence of the structure with additional potential in the claims surrounding Ayones property.

Sampling of the San Juan vein exposed in the open pit resulted in one line of 5.95 m width showing an average grade of 136 g/t silver, 0.30 g/t gold, equivalent to 4.89 Silver Oz. Highlights of a 3.2m vein thickness have an average grade 197 g/t silver, 0.49 g/t gold, equivalent to 7.2 Silver Oz, confirming that the San Juan Vein is an excellent target for detailed exploration.

A sixth sample was taken on a small dump of over 60 tons of material located 30 m to the north of the small pit, which was extracted from the historic workings and assayed a grade of 178 g/t silver, 0.33 g/t gold, 0.3 %Zn and 0.4% lead, a consistent result to samples in the vein.

Samples San Juan Vein  Width M.  Gold g/t  Silver g/t  Silver Eq. Ounces*
MZ-002 1 0.71 190 7.36
MZ-003 0.6 0.582 203 7.55
MZ-004 1.7 0.089 72.1 2.48
MZ-005 1.05 0.028 54.8 1.81
MZ-006 1.6 0.314 199 6.95
Average Width 5.95
Average Grade 0.29 136 4.89

*Kitco, December 22, 2011 metal prices (Au: 1606.5, Ag: 29.30, No recoveries and NSR considered).

The results of 8 samples taken from an adjacent northeast-southwest trending mineralized outcrop resulted in an average grade of 0.37 g/t silver, 0.005 g/t gold, showing anomalous 130 ppm Copper.

Based on the successful results of the old dumps and tailings assays and the measuring topography performed on the site, we are estimating a measured silver resource on-surface at the Ayones project as follows in table 1.

Table 1. Measured Resources  Ore Grade  Content Oz. Troy  INSITE VALUE $ Dls
Gold Silver Gold @ Silver @
Material TONS g/t g/t Gold Silver 1606.5 29.30
OLD TAILINGS 8,925 0.46 121 132 34,720 212,050 1,017,307
OLD DUMPS 28,405 0.98 180 895 164,383 1,437,780 4,816,434
TOTAL 37,330 0.9 166 1027 199,104 1,649,829 5,833,741

*Kitco, December 22, 2011 metal prices (Au: 1606.5 USD/Oz, Ag: 29.30 USD/Oz, No recoveries and NSR considered).

Additionally, two representative bulk samples (dumps and tailings) were shipped to the laboratory LTM SA de CV in Hermosillo Sonora, Mexico for metallurgical test by a method for recovery of precious metals using a copper-ammonium thiosulfate leaching process with the objective to determine the recovery rates of silver and gold for this project. Results from the metallurgical test are expected shortly and will be announced as they become available.

Company President & CEO Juan Miguel Rios Gutierrez comments, "We are very pleased with results of the measurements from the historic dumps and tailings; this means a measured silver resource on-surface of the Ayones project estimated at over $US7.4 million. The grades of the old dumps are very good and give us the opportunity to convert this resource into cash in the short term. With highlight grades in the dumps at over 220 g/t silver and 0.9 g/t gold we see strong evidence of a high grade silver-gold epithermal vein system. The information we see today relates positively to data from previous work in the 1925-1935 period which produced historic grades of over half a kilo of silver per ton."

"This newly measured resource presents very good potential to convert into significant near term revenues from surface production alone," continues Mr. Gutierrez. "These revenues will allow us to quickly move ahead with a diamond drill exploration campaign to verify the overall mineral reserves and resource scope of the assets. It is our intent to rapidly develop a comprehensive feasibility study targeting the opening up of our properties for full production as quickly as commercially practicable. This proposed surface production program will go a considerable way towards ensuring our long term success."

About Sonora Resources Corp. (OTCBB: SURE)

The Company is focused on the acquisition and exploration of international silver and gold mining properties located in regions that enjoy stable politics, sound economies and friendly business environments. Additional information about the Company may be found at

Notice Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

Statements in this news release that are not historical are forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements in this news release include: that the company believes that geographic scope of mining concessions makes for encouraging gold and silver potential for the project; that the property is interpreted to be within a porphyry system; and that Mexico is stable and business friendly. Factors which may delay or prevent these forward-looking statements from being realized include misinterpretation of data; we may not locate or agree to terms with potential partners, we may not be able to acquire equipment or labor as needed; we may not be able to raise sufficient funds to complete our intended exploration or carry on operations; that weather, logistical problems or hazards may prevent us from exploration; that equipment may not work as well as expected; that analysis of data may not be possible accurately and at depth; and that despite encouraging data there may be no commercially exploitable mineralization on our properties. Nearby mineral resources is no indication of resources on our property. In addition, Mexico may undergo political or social change which would create additional geopolitical risks. Readers should refer to the risk disclosures outlined in the periodic reports filed by other junior mineral exploration companies with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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